We exist because we know that the future of music needs to adapt and become interactive.

The Web3 Music Association was born from a simple but powerful idea: to build a collaborative ecosystem that supports the music industry’s adoption of emerging technology. A place where they can explore the opportunities of blockchain, AI, and extended reality, to fully embrace music’s interactive future.

Through education, guidance, and collaboration, our mission is to demystify these technologies and ensure everyone in the music industry has the knowledge and tools to navigate the future confidently.

Our vision is clear: Exploring and building solutions for the music industry. 

This is not just about adopting new technology; it’s about building the foundational grid to support the industry’s digital landscape now and in the future. Music Protocol isn’t just an infrastructure; it’s designed to propel the music industry forward through a digital licensing framework that mirrors the Internet’s needs and developments.

We started with a select group of visionaries who saw the potential of advanced technologies across the whole music value chain. We believe in choosing our path together, learning from each other, and innovating as one.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and so is how we create and consume music. Being part of the Web3 Music Association means leading the discussions that shape how music is experienced worldwide.