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Staying ahead means embracing the changes that our current digital landscape brings. The Web3 Music Association is for those who see beyond the horizon—artists, executives, and innovators eager to lead the conversation on how advanced technologies are redefining the music industry.

Curiosity is the
spark of innovation

Whether well-versed or just beginning to explore the space, the association is your gateway to understanding the impact blockchain, AI, and extended reality can and already have on music. We offer a platform for learning, experimentation, and discovery, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate and contribute to the future of music.

Our mission is to create an interactive infrastructure for music that mirrors our interconnected world

The future of music IP is dynamic, not static. Advanced technologies offer the path to get there. They can open new avenues for immersive experiences, fan engagement, and financial growth.

Imagine a music industry where the IP is as fluid and dynamic as the digital mediums it touches. This is the future we’re building—where music IP adapts, evolves, and grows.