Is 2024 the year Web3 takes centre stage?

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May 2, 2024

When Web1 was invented in the 1990s, computer scientists envisioned a decentralised world, a digital utopia of unrestricted global connections and accessible services. But a crucial piece of the puzzle was missing: blockchain technology. Its absence led us astray from the egalitarian digital space computer scientists had dreamt of, inadvertently creating monopolies that now challenge our vision of a free society

As a result, a few significant players came to dominate the digital landscape, creating monopolies that now dictate how we access and use the internet – leading to data privacy, content control and limited competition issues. Web3 is genuinely an opportunity to change this. The real hurdle? We need more than technological reconstruction; we must tackle Web3’s branding problem.

Read the full article below to discover why Katy Campbell – the Executive VP of Ecosystem at the Web3 Music Association, believes we are now at a place where Web3 has the potential to move beyond small circles and into mainstream usage.


Web3 Music Association Executive VP of Ecosystem